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Magnetic separator
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Fully automatic super reinforced electromagnetic iron remover kjlsl-1500
Fully automatic super reinforced electromagnetic iron remover kjlsl-1500
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A certain number of magnetic medium nets are placed in the working cavity surrounded by spiral copper coils. The silicon rectifier control system transforms the working AC power supply into DC excitation power supply. After the coil is electrified, the magnetic medium net is magnetized, and an uneven magnetic field high gradient magnetic field is produced on its surface. When the separated material passes through the magnetic medium of the working cavity, the magnetic material is adsorbed on the magnetic medium by the magnetic force, and the non-magnetic material passes through the working cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the magnetic material from the non-magnetic material.

The magnetic field of the automatic slurry electromagnetic iron remover is high, the magnetic field distribution is uniform, the gradient is high, and the iron removal effect is obvious;

The oil bubble coil is used in the heat dissipation system, and the hot oil is cooled by forced water cooling, with good circulation, which can ensure the oil temperature rise within 10 ℃ and prolong the service life of the electromagnetic wire;

The brake valve is made of imported material, the valve body is strong and durable, and there is no residual slurry overflow after closing; the iron removal is washed by vibration and high pressure water pump, which is completely clean and free of residue;

The unique magnetic vibration mode can perfectly remove impurities from 20-600 mesh materials, and prevent the quality from being affected by the high content of magnetic materials;

A wide range of materials (sand, mud, slurry, etc.) are handled;

The power consumption of the product is lower;

Special feeding design, higher output;

Fully automatic operation, no manual operation, easy and fast iron removal, no residue.

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