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Automatic wet chamber type HGMS KJLSL-1500
A certain number of magnetic media nets are placed in the working cavity surrounded by the spiral copper coil. The silicon rectifier control system transforms the working AC power supply into a DC excitation power supply. After the coil is energized, the magnetic medium network is magnetized, and an uneven magnetic field-high gradient magnetic field is generated on its surface. When the sorted material passes through the magnetic medium of the working cavity, the magnetic material is attracted to the magnetic medium by the force of the magnetic field, and the non-magnetic material passes through the working cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the magnetic material and the non-magnetic material.
Automatic wet chamber type HGMS KJLSL-1500
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型号 工作腔径 工作磁通密度 功率 产量 外型尺寸
Model The working chamber diameter Magnetic flux density Power Yield Size
KJLSL-1250QG φ1250 3.0T 125KW >30t/h 2600*3600*3100
KJLSL-1250GG φ1250 3.5T 125KW >30t/h 2600*3600*3100
KJLSL-1500QG φ1500 3.0T 150KW >45t/h 5160*4220*4600
KJKLSL-1500GG φ1500 3.5T 150KW >45t/h 5160*4220*4600



The automatic slurry electromagnetic iron remover is widely used to remove iron powder, micro iron powder and magnetic substances in the slurry and glaze of ceramic, mining, chemical, electronic, food and other industries. It is especially suitable for removing iron and other magnetic impurities in ceramic slurry.

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