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On consumer rights day, our company adheres to the concept of quality first and is committed to serving our customers

发布者:ming  时间:2021-01-11 16:10:20

On the annual international consumer rights day on March 15, anti-counterfeiting activities are in full swing. In this special day, all walks of life are busy examining the development status of their own industry. Kaijiali company also takes advantage of the festival that many consumers pay attention to to to improve its products and services, so as to better serve the majority of customers and win the reputation of customers Establish brand image and improve product reputation.

Every year on March 15, CCTV evening party will expose all kinds of fake goods. After decades of fighting against fake goods, there are few fake goods, but real gold is not afraid of fire. We believe that quality is the life of enterprises. We pay attention to every detail of product quality. The qualified rate of equipment is always 100%, and the maintenance rate is one of the lowest in the same industry. The company has strong technical strength, excellent processing equipment, advanced production technology, perfect quality assurance system. It is our eternal pursuit and consistent policy to make customers satisfied. We use advanced and practical machinery and equipment to improve economic benefits for customers and make strong backing for their success.

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