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Kaijiali Mechatronics implements the safety production requirements and standardizes the safety production system of the company

发布者:ming  时间:2021-01-11 16:09:46

In our work and life, our most basic need is safety. No matter what we do, we should start under the premise of ensuring safety. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the most important thing is to abide by rules and regulations, especially in our machinery industry. In order to ensure the safety, all the equipment in the factory have prepared the operating procedures, and the relevant job description is specially provided for the special type of work. In addition, the company also pastes and hangs various types of safety slogans and safety signs in obvious places, in order to improve the safety awareness of employees. The production department also regularly organizes the company to investigate the potential safety hazards, timely discover and eliminate them, all of which are to ensure that employees can produce in a safe situation.

Our company has carried out the popularization of work safety, equipped a series of safety protection measures such as safety helmet for each employee, and implemented the supervision responsibility system. Under the supervision at all levels, the life safety of employees has been guaranteed.

Our company also regularly arranges employees to participate in safety production meetings and safety production training held by District, town and street.



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