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Dry magnetic separator is commonly used for iron ore and manganese ore equipment

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Dry magnetic separator:

Dry magnetic separator is commonly used in iron ore equipment and manganese ore equipment, the mainstream of high intensity magnetic separator equipment. It is divided into: one drum three roll dry high intensity magnetic separator, two drum two roll dry magnetic separator, one drum one roll dry magnetic separator; dry high intensity magnetic disc magnetic separator is widely used to separate weak magnetic minerals and metal ores less than 2-3mm. It has three types: single disc (diameter: 900 mm), double disc (diameter: 576 mm) and three disc (diameter: 600 mm). The magnetic field strength can reach 880-1440 Ka / m. Among them, the double disc with diameter of 576 mm is widely used. The main part of the magnetic separator is composed of a mountain shaped electromagnet and a rotatable suspended induction disk. The disc is like a buckled disc with sharp teeth. Its diameter is about half larger than the width of the feeding belt. The disc is driven by worm and worm gear. The polar distance between the disc and the electromagnet can be adjusted by hand wheel (0-20 mm). In order to prevent blocking, a weak magnetic field pole is installed in the feeding cylinder, which can discharge the strong magnetic minerals in the feed in advance.

Flat ring magnetic separator:

The structure features of the flat ring type high magnetic field magnetic separator are that it adopts ring type chain large closed magnetic circuit, copper tube wound coil, low voltage and large current excitation, water cooling and cooling, and toothed plate as separation medium. The machine is composed of feeding device, concentrate and middling washing device, separation rotating ring, magnetic system, ore receiving device, transmission device, DC power supply, etc. The structure of magnetic system is novel. It is composed of inner and outer concentric annular magnetic moment, radial iron core and coil. The spindle is located in the center of the annular closed magnetic circuit, and no magnetic line of force passes through. The coil is made of 22 × 15 × 2 mm square copper tube, 33 turns for each outer core coil and 66 turns for each inner core coil, and is close to the pole head. The coil is cooled by water, which has the advantages of good cooling effect, low cost and no noise.

SHP magnetic separator:

SHP type wet high intensity magnetic separator, also known as double disc high intensity magnetic separator, is a kind of magnetic separation equipment which imitates the relevant data of foreign high intensity magnetic separators.

The steel frame is equipped with two U-shaped yokes, and the horizontal part of the yoke is sheathed with an excitation coil, which is forced cooled by an axial flow fan. The upper and lower sorting discs are installed on the vertical central axis. The disc rotates between the two opposite magnetic poles. A large closed magnetic circuit is formed by the U-shaped yoke magnetic pole and the upper and lower sorting discs. The upper and lower sorting discs are the main circuit in the magnetic circuit. There are 17 sorting rooms on the periphery of the disc, and there are multi-layer magnetic gathering tooth plates in the room, which become induction magnetic poles. The disc is provided with a ore collecting pipe, a ore receiving groove is arranged below, and a feeding nozzle is arranged at the corresponding part of the ore collecting pipe.

Vertical ring wet magnetic separator:

The 800 mm vertical ring wet high intensity magnetic separator mainly consists of a metal ring. The ring rotates vertically between the two magnetic poles, and the lower part passes through the magnetic field. The pulp is fed into the ring by the feeder in the lower part of the ring through the circular sieve grate in the ring. The weak magnetic particles adhere to the surface of the medium ring, and are lifted to the top of the weak magnetic field with the rotation of the ring, and are washed into the concentrate tank by high-pressure water. The non-magnetic ore particles flow into the tailing tank through the gap of the medium ball because they are not affected by the magnetic force. The main advantage of vertical ring wet high magnetic field magnetic separator is that it overcomes the disadvantage of horizontal ring (flat ring) magnetic separator which is easy to block. This is because the medium rolls in the ring with the ring rotation, which destroys the directional arrangement formed by medium magnetization and plays the role of degaussing, thus changing the blocking phenomenon. The magnetic separator test shows that good separation indexes can be obtained for hematite, siderite, ilmenite, chromite, wolframite, tantalum niobium ore, manganese ore, garnet, spodumene, hornblende and other fine weak magnetic minerals with specific magnetic coefficient greater than 15 × 10-6cm3 / g.

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