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Working principle of magnetic separation equipment

发布者:ming  时间:2021-01-11 16:19:17

Magnetic separation equipment refers to the use of magnetic equipment to separate magnetic materials from other materials according to the magnetic characteristics of materials. The equipment used for this operation is called magnetic separation equipment, which is generally used for the production and screening of magnetite and other magnetic minerals.

Magnetic separation equipment is also called magnetic separator, magnetic separation machinery, etc.

working principle

After the pulp flows into the tank body through the feeding box, the ore particles enter into the feeding area of the tank body in a loose state under the action of the water flow of the feeding spout pipe.

Under the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic particles gather to form a "magnetic cluster" or "magnetic chain". The "magnetic cluster" or "magnetic chain" moves to the magnetic pole under the action of the magnetic force in the pulp and is adsorbed on the cylinder. Because the polarity of the magnetic pole is alternately arranged along the rotation direction of the cylinder and is fixed during operation,

When the "magnetic cluster" or "magnetic chain" rotates with the cylinder, the phenomenon of magnetic stirring occurs due to the alternation of magnetic poles. The gangue and other non-magnetic minerals mixed in the "magnetic cluster" or "magnetic chain" fall off during the turning, and the "magnetic cluster" or "magnetic lotus" finally absorbed on the surface of the cylinder is the concentrate.

The concentrate turns to the weakest part of the magnetic system edge with the cylinder, and is discharged into the concentrate tank under the action of the flushing water from the discharge pipe. Non magnetic or weak magnetic minerals are left in the pulp and discharged out of the tank with the pulp, that is, tailings.

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