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Kaijiali electromechanical sincerely invites you to visit 2017 Ceramic Industry Exhibition

发布者:ming  时间:2021-01-11 16:16:48

The 2017 new union ceramic industry exhibition will be held in Pazhou Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Fair from June 1 to 4. In this exhibition, kaijiali mainly promotes energy-saving and environmental friendly slurry and dry powder automatic high gradient magnetic separator, as well as the selection of feldspar, kaolin and other raw materials, and the technical service of iron removal line design.

This time, the participating companies mainly broaden their horizons, open up ideas, learn advanced technology, exchange and cooperation, and make full use of this exhibition opportunity to exchange, communicate and negotiate with visiting customers, so as to enhance the popularity and influence of the company's brand.

Kaijiali mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of magnetic separators for many years. It has always insisted on applying new technologies and new processes to product design, continuously improving the high-tech content of equipment, providing advanced and practical equipment and relevant supporting Lean Project Design for each customer, and creating rich project profits.


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