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GXW series screw feeder
GXW series screw feeder
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图片关键词The screw feeder has the advantages of simple structure, small cross section size and good sealing performance;

图片关键词The conveying material is uniform and stable, and the conveying volume precision is high;

图片关键词The control of conveying capacity can be realized by adding frequency converter;

图片关键词In the process of conveying, it has the function of stirring and loosening materials at the same time;

图片关键词Easy to operate, safe and convenient, low manufacturing cost.

The screw feeder is characterized by high conveying efficiency, safe and reliable operation, simple structure, complete function, good sealing, low noise and beautiful appearance. The screw feeder is also a conveying equipment, but the difference is that the screw feeder is to achieve the effect of average speed feeding, and the focus is on the accuracy of conveying weight or volume.




It is widely used in horizontal or less than 20 ° inclined conveying of powdery, granular and small pieces of materials, such as cement, pulverized coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, ash, sand, feed, flour, food and chemical industry, etc. the material temperature is below 200 ℃.

Screw feeder is not suitable for conveying perishable, viscous and caking materials, because these materials will adhere to the screw during conveying, and then rotate without moving forward, or form material accumulation at the hanging bearing, which makes the screw feeder unable to work normally.



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