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  • Automatic wet chamber type HGMS KJLSL-1250

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  • Solution for the whole production line of water grinding feldspar

  • Solution of feldspar production line

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  • Double shaft screw conveyor

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Automatic pulp electromagnetic iron machine
1) high magnetic field, magnetic field distribution evenly, high gradient, in addition to the obvious effects of iron;
2) heat dissipation system USES oil bubble coil, hot oil by forcing water cooling, cycle is good, can make the oil temperature rise of guarantee within 10 ℃, prolong the service life of the electromagnetic wire;
3) brake valve adopts the imported materials, the body is strong and durable, closed without residual slurry overflows;
4) with magnetic vibration modes, of 20-600 mesh material is perfect except for miscellaneous, prevent excessive amounts of magnetic materials and affect the quality.
5) product lower power consumption,
Automatic electromagnetic iron powder machine
1) automatic dry magnetic separator mainly aims at the positive and negative powder materials research and development of new iron machine, its magnetic characteristics for large Angle, many poles, the machine is the average of absolute value of the magnetic flux density of, play its role, magnetic system according to the ore properties of different design field;
2) electromagnetic powder machine in the process of choose don't need to overcome the resistance of the material and the gravity effect, when non-magnetic minerals from magnetic field, under the action of gravity, for good and magnetic mineral separation;
3) increased the mechanical vibration device, electromagnetic powder machine can not only improve the effect of iron removal, and easy to realize abandon iron;
4) high magnetic field intensity.
5) cavity structure is reasonable, the iron thoroughly clean.
Non-metallic materials processing of the whole line
1) according to the customer characteristics of existing products, combined with market demand for products professional design;
2) can vary according to the standard of the market orders, fast converting production parameters can be mass production;
3) satisfy the standard of kaolin, feldspar and quartz sand species widely feed conversion;
4) meet the fast conversion production market selling high level material ability;
5) pure physical environmental protection technology, do not use industrial waste acid and alkali chemical materials and technology.
Sludge drying scheme
Sludge by wet sludge silo, falling into a double-axis screw conveyor, through mixer and molding machine cut sludge into strips, relying on gravity to slow walking network of low-temperature sludge driers, hot dry winds from the bottom of the net belt to rise at a faster pace, contact with the sludge in the process of sludge drying, drying sludge adopts full closed after shaftless screw conveyor conveyor drying system, by car, transportation, for subsequent use.


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