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Fully automatic dry powder electromagnetic magnetic separator kjlgl-500
Fully automatic dry powder electromagnetic magnetic separator kjlgl-500
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1) The automatic dry powder electromagnetic magnetic separator is a new type of iron remover mainly developed for positive and negative powder materials. Its magnetic system is characterized by large wrap angle and multiple magnetic poles. The absolute value of magnetic flux density in the separation area of the machine is relatively average. The magnetic system can play the role of separation, and different field strength can be designed according to different ore properties;

2) When the non-magnetic minerals are separated from the magnetic field, the minerals can be well separated from the magnetic cylinder under the action of gravity;

3) The mechanical vibration device is added to the electromagnetic dry powder machine, which can not only improve the iron removal effect, but also conveniently realize iron discarding;

4) The intensity of magnetic field is high.

5) The cavity structure is reasonable and the iron removal is complete and clean.






Electromagnetic dry powder machine is especially suitable for the separation of fine-grained minerals, such as magnetically fine-grained ferrous hematite, pseudo hematite, limonite, siderite, chromite, manganese ore, etc.; fine-grained non-ferrous wolframite, fine-grained rare metal monazite, and fine-grained non-metallic minerals, such as feldspar, quartz, kaolin, etc.

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