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High frequency electromagnetic vibrating screen
High frequency electromagnetic vibrating screen
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No rotating parts, no need to add lubricating oil;

Undefined has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, durability and low failure rate;

The principle of resonance is used in the undefined vibrator, which works in the critical resonance state of two masses. The driving power required is small, and there is no large starting current and low noise when starting;

After the undefined vibrator is started, the amplitude can reach the stable value instantaneously. When it stops, its amplitude will disappear instantaneously, and it is allowed to start and stop directly under rated voltage, current and amplitude.

The vibration or amplitude of the undefined screen body can be adjusted, and the particle size of the product under the screen can be controlled by changing the vibration force of the screen body (adjusting the vibration), which is very beneficial to ensure the concentrate grade of ores with different crystal sizes;

When the screen body vibrates, the screen bars of the screen also vibrate relatively, and the gap of the screen is not easy to block.




High frequency vibrating screen is the most important screening machine in mineral processing industry. It is used to separate solid and broken ores with a particle size of about 200 μ m. It is suitable for completely wet and dry raw materials.

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