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Iron removal
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Successful trial production of Vietnam customer's whole line project

发布者:ming  时间:2020-09-05 14:58:38

The leaders of the raw material plant selected our company to be in charge of the whole project construction among several suppliers after many investigations. The factory adopts our company's three kjlsl-750qg electromagnetic iron removers. Our company provides project design, process flow design, general contracting of supporting equipment, on-site installation and commissioning to provide one-stop service for staff training, which saves the procurement cost and speeds up the time of project construction. The whole project only takes three months from infrastructure construction to trial production, and achieves the best rate of return on capital

Production: 300 tons / day

Iron content: less than 0.1%

Whiteness: above 60 degrees

Loading cabinet

Loading cabinet

Plant construction

Infrastructure pool construction

Equipment installation and debugging

Successful trial production, finished product output

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